Get Set, Go!

It’s that time of year again, tourist pamphlets and summer offers from travel companies litter both my desk and my inbox. ‘The 100 Places to Visit before You Die’ guide has been referred to countless times by now, there are multiple browsers open on my laptop and a flurry of illegible scrawl fills the pages […]

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind

Last winter a friend of mine backpacked solo across Georgia in Eastern Europe. His social media updates and the pictures he kept sharing were enough to convince me to plan a trip of my own. I had heard amazing things about Georgia from other travelers too and could not wait to explore the country, though […]


I have just returned from another trip to England and like I always do when I travel anywhere, I did my fair bit of wandering and exploring whenever the opportunity arose. I’m reminded of an incident from when I first travelled to England many, many years ago. Late one evening, a friend and I decided […]

Because 2041 Beckons…

The Global Countdown – Visiting the Antarctic is a dream that many nurture but only a privileged few are able to fulfill. If you go as a tourist the cost usually means you have to wait until much later on in life. So imagine how great it would be to go as a student […]

Travelogue # 1 – Kalimpong

I remember standing in a rickety old bus clutching tightly onto my father’s fingers. The bus was swaying precariously from side to side – the driver nervously navigating it up the circular roads carved into the rugged hills of Kalimpong- a small yet vivacious hill station in eastern India. My mother, who was suffering from a bout […]

Roads I Have Traveled

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli I sat there in the little beach side bistro sipping on a cucumber coolaid and tweeting about the beauty of Cape Town. There was a gentle murmur in the air as I sat there surrounded […]