Terse Verse #Micropoetry in 140 Characters or Less

This summer I have been trying my hand at mastering the new-age art of micro-poetry. Micro-poetry is not new per-se, since Japanese Haiku and other such have existed since the 17th century or further back with the masters like Basho and Isaa juxtaposing the mundane and the deep in terse verse.  However, what I am […]

Rain Dance

The following short story was my entry to the Monsoon Romance Prose Contest conducted by http://www.sulekha.com. The story now features on the Sulekha site and is awaiting moderation. The first drops of rain that Friday morning sent people scurrying along the bustling boulevard. Office-goers darted to nearby tea stalls and department stores to keep their […]

Terminal Verbosity

Verbosity can be defined as the long-winded manner in which a writer will sometimes (or quite regularly) string together a number of complicated and seemingly necessary thoughts and ideas to say something rather simple that could have been said without the clutter of unnecessary wordiness in a sentence that might often confuse the reader. 😉 […]

Growing Up In Gaza

Over the last 10 days an estimated 227 people have lost their lives in Gaza while close to 2000 individuals have been seriously injured. Of the 227 deceased 30% are believed to be below the age of 17. This is a simple and original short story that voices my personal belief that such brutality will […]


July 11th, 2014 10: 44 AM So, in the middle of my ‘must complete my assignments’ frenzy I am also attempting the difficult task of constructing an original short story. I actually started writing this story a few months ago but didn’t get past the exposition. Fortunately the twittersphere is replete with tweeps who have […]

Gulf News – Guest of The Month – Post 1

After some years of blogging I am extremely excited to be the ‘Guest of the Month’ for Gulf News’ education supplement. Over the next four weeks my columns will share my personal experiences and advice on educational technology and educational blogging in the hopes that it will inspire some greenhorn bloggers out there to give […]

265 Words of The Story I’ve been writing – Constructive Criticism Is Welcome

The distinct sounds of Arab music drifted through the air as a cool evening breeze blew across the desert that evening. The lights from the Bedouin camp sparkled in the distance as the little bulbs slowly flickered to life and came on to dot the desert landscape. Darkness slowly descended over the emirate. Yasmeen had […]