Between the Covers

O.K …I admit, the slightly provocative title was just something to grab your attention by even though there is an apt pun in there if you think about it.  What I really want to write about this afternoon is one of the things I’m most looking forward to doing from next week. You see, next week I’ll be home in India for a long and much-needed sojourn and one of the ways I’m going to spend my leisure hours is by catching up on my reading. There are so many books I’ve been dying to read and I’ve even bought and collected a few but have not had the chance to delve into them. There is a long list of literary heavyweights that I want to acquaint myself with and so little time to do it.

My summer reading plan isn’t set in stone. I make a list of books I want to read over the summer (the list is usually very long and overwhelming) and try to read as many as possible. The idea is, it gives me a starting point for my reading so I don’t waste time bemused and staring at my book shelves or  find myself lost when I visit my local bookstore or library.

The first book on my list this summer is Life of Pi by Yan Martel. I know this isn’t a fresh release but for quite some time now I’ve been struggling to get past chapter 6. While the story line is some what intriguing,  so far It just hasn’t been able to sustain my attention long enough and while there are several others who feel the same way, there are a significantly larger number of people out there who swear that the book is life-changing. Fortunately my third attempt has been a little more encouraging. I’m on chapter 8 now…the jinx is finally broken, so let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Over the last two years, the process of reading and then discussing my feelings has become such a pleasurable experience. The internet and social media has opened up communities of people who come together to discuss books they’ve read. Whether through blogs, reading circles, twitter, online communities or chat rooms dedicated specifically to those reading a particular genre, I have met some of the most remarkable and like-minded people who are a pleasure to interact with and toss ideas and thoughts around with.

To those of you who happen to read this post, I challenge you to catch up on some reading of your own. Take time out to read something that interests you. Don’t be pressured into reading something that everyone else thinks you should. Pick up a simple paperback, feel the course texture of its pages under your fingers, marvel at the ageing yellow paper or admire the freshly printed ones. If you’re a diehard digital junkie, download that e-book you’ve been meaning to. Pull out that kindle or swipe your fingers across the screen of your iPad. The options are limitless and there is never a good excuse, to not do something you should. So select an author, choose your book, dive between the covers and let your mind wander and wonder as you read on…

‘Read, read, read.’ – William Faulkner