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Because 2041 Beckons…

The Global Countdown – Visiting the Antarctic is a dream that many nurture but only a privileged few are able to fulfill. If you go as a tourist the cost usually means you have to wait until much later on in life. So imagine how great it would be to go as a student […]

Gulf News – Guest of The Month – Post 1

After some years of blogging I am extremely excited to be the ‘Guest of the Month’ for Gulf News’ education supplement. Over the next four weeks my columns will share my personal experiences and advice on educational technology and educational blogging in the hopes that it will inspire some greenhorn bloggers out there to give […]

Autism is not a tragedy, ignorance is…

Last afternoon, over 3000 plus people from Dubai and the neighboring Emirates stepped out in an overwhelming show of support for people with autism and different needs. Zabeel Park, the venue for the walk and the fun fair that followed later in the evening, was overflowing with people enthusiastically waiting to show their support. Over the […]

The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Bloggers

 Another of my favourite bloggers has just suddenly vanished. That’s the second missing blogger in a just one week! The previous one wrote one last blog before she disappeared, about a friend in a complicated situation. It seems the friend found out and was furious. I’m still quite new to blogging as I have been […]

Under Pressure

Pressure is defined as urgency in one’s personal or professional dealings. Working under pressure is a concrete reality of our lives. Some people have to deal with high pressure situations every minute of their lives while others have to deal with it as and when project deadlines approach. At the cost of sounding quite ridiculous, I […]

We’re All In This Together

 The blast at the Agra hospital yesterday was a rude reminder that life is so unpredictable and so uncertain. As a nation, we are all still reeling from five unsolved terrorist attacks in our recent past and it will be a while before Indians are able to feel completely safe and secure again. Just a […]

Free Falling

Three days back in Dubai and it already feels like the holiday didn’t even happen. While it does feel nice to be back and doing the things I love, the pressure of performing so many varied tasks can be a little intimidating. I attempted to make one of my famous lists, and then I realized […]