T.V and Movies

Prometheus – A Review

I will preface everything that I’m about to say with the following: don’t worry I’m not going to give away the plot! So please, read on… As the lights in the theatre gradually began to fill the room with life, I realized that not a single person had moved. For several minutes after the final […]

কলকাতার Kahaani – A Review

As the haunting last strains of Ekla Cholo Re lingered in the theatre, I sat there enjoying every note and the feeling of warmth and familiarity that was washing over me and all the other Calcuttans in the room. The sweeping images of Calcutta decked up in all her Pujo finery, the dilapidated buildings of the British […]

Keeping up Appearances

By now, everyone who reads this blog knows of my manic obsession with T.V shows. The obsession began with a little show called ‘Small Wonder’ that I used to watch growing up, I’m positive half of you wouldn’t have even heard of it. Gradually I began to secretly watch the scandalous lives of the famous […]

Oscar Obsession

I’m obsessed with the Academy Awards. In fact, I’m obsessed with all kinds of award shows but the Oscars have always held pride of place. I’ve always had this uncanny fondness for the drama that unfolds at the Kodak Theater each year, but have never been able to explain why. It’s quite funny if you […]

Modern Family

I’m obsessed with T.V shows and you can read about why that is, in my blog post from last year titled T.V Fanatic or Movie Maniac. (https://sydneydxb.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/t-v-fanatic-or-movie-maniac/ ) Of late, I have been glued to my T.V set watching and re-watching episodes from my current favourite show, Modern Family. If you haven’t yet heard of […]

The Iron Lady – A Review

Any biopic that has a powerful and charismatic political personality like Margaret Thatcher’s for a protagonist, can never really and truly encapsulate the many achievements or the myriad controversies that are now synonymous with her name. If you walk into a theatre hoping to see a film about Maggie’s political career and the controversies that […]

Levi’s – Selling Us More Than Just Jeans?

There are so many trashy ads on TV these days. The good ones are so rare. The inspirational ones – almost non-existent. Of late however, one ad in particular has been making me stop whatever I am doing in that moment and pay complete attention to the words being spoken in the voice over. Here is […]