Random Rants

Random Rant # 5

Most people don’t fit neatly into a predefined path. Forcing yourself into one may lead to success, but it probably won’t make you happy. I don’t know whether this rant is will make much sense to you, but if you read on, I promise to try to clear it up. You see, sometimes we push […]

Just Wondering…

I have been wondering about something these past few days, and like a festering sore, I will not be able to rid myself of it until I still the voice inside me and find my catharsis the only way I know how – by writing about it. In today’s social and economic climate, there is […]

Please Don’t Waste My Time – Random Rant # 3

One of the things that really ticks me off, and I mean REALLY ticks me off, is when I have to sit around and wait for other people who clearly have no sense of time and don’t seem to care how much of my time they’re wasting. Time is precious and fleeting, that’s a given. […]

I Hate Noise – Random Rant #2

Please Note: I have no grudge against the Philipino community eventhough it may seem so in this blog post. Pinky Swear! Have you ever been to a concert or a discotheque where the amplifiers were really belting it out and you could feel those bass beats reverberating in your body? Did your ears feel sort of […]

Random Rant #1

Clearly – I’m not a millionaire and this is proving to be quite a problem. I now know its not a huge threat to my bank’s financial future when I threaten to close my account with them . But, between two malfunctioning credit cards  in the last month ,countless phone calls to report that my cards are old […]