Of Politics and Power

Three Daughters of Eve

Sometimes a book comes along that speaks boldly to our times. As it chips away at the brick and mortar, the ideas contained in it overwhelms and perhaps unsettles, forcing readers to sit back and confront truths that plague modern society. ‘Three Daughters of Eve’, Elif Shafak’s novel, is that kind of book. My 5th […]

Egypt’s Uncertain Future

Growing up, I looked forward to attending Sunday school each week. Every detail of the stories I heard and the lessons I learned lingered in my sub-conscience right through the week. Of the many stories and parables I heard over the years, one in particular has stayed with me – the story of Moses and […]

Obama the Evolver

Anyone remotely willing to read between the lines of Obama’s previous public statements on gay marriage could tell that he personally did not have a problem with it, but I guess all along he was just afraid of the political repercussions of involving himself in such a mammoth social issue. Now suddenly, in an interview […]

Will The Congress Get Its Mojo Back?

These are tough times. The world is going through major upheavals and the very fabric of nations is being unwoven and re-structured ceaselessly and no other political party has seen as many lows as the Congress Party has in this their turbulent term in Parliament. The Indian National Congress, my dear friends, has clearly lost […]