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Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind

Last winter a friend of mine backpacked solo across Georgia in Eastern Europe. His social media updates and the pictures he kept sharing were enough to convince me to plan a trip of my own. I had heard amazing things about Georgia from other travelers too and could not wait to explore the country, though […]


I have just returned from another trip to England and like I always do when I travel anywhere, I did my fair bit of wandering and exploring whenever the opportunity arose. I’m reminded of an incident from when I first travelled to England many, many years ago. Late one evening, a friend and I decided […]

My Mind Wanders…and Wonders…

I began typing this post as the last rays of the sun disappeared behind the imposing sky scrapers that dot the Sharjah skyline. The view from where I’m sitting is breathtaking. In front of me is the lagoon, to my right is a giant Ferris wheel and fountains and over on my left is a […]

Digital Detox

A little while ago I was sitting on my bed reading my daily quota (3 chapters) of Junot Diaz’s riveting novel ‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’. All the while my right hand kept twitching; my mind signaling me to get up and make a grab for my smartphone or my iPad. You see […]

Weekend Rant

Thursday night in Dubai; far away from the flashy beach parties, bars and restaurants my friends and I were maneuvering our way through the crowded and cavernous expanses of one of Dubai’s most famous malls. Soon we noticed a group of young Emirati women clad in heavily embroidered abayas and towering heels in a heated […]

Dear David…

The memory I am about to narrate came to me out of the blue as I was making my way back home this evening. It took me back a couple of years – 2007 maybe 2008, I’m not too sure. I remember sitting on board a tiny little bus, my friends and I making our way […]

Of Hashtags, Tweets and Trends

Very often I find myself defending social media to my friends, colleagues and sometimes even my students. It can be easily accused—and rightly so—of being full of brazen self-promoters, marketing maniacs, and plenty of naked people who spam our walls and timelines with some rather disturbing content. BUT, that is not reason enough to ignore […]