Soul Food, Calcutta Style!

Ask any Calcuttan living abroad what they miss most about the city and ‘food’ will be an almost instinctive response. While I’ve often waxed eloquent and sometimes romanticized my city, (I guess that’s allowed when you’re feeling nostalgic) I have never written about the average Calcuttan’s love of food. You’ll probably say that food is […]

Help Yourself to Happiness

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll know that lately, the thought of going home in a few weeks has consumed my every waking moment. I’m looking forward to so many things: to reunions, to catching up with friends, to lazing around the house all evening and waking up late each day, I’m looking forward […]

My Nightly Dinner Dilemma

‘Arrghhh wth do I eat tonight?’ I find myself tearing my hair out each night simply because I can’t decide on what to eat. Choosing what to eat has become such a laborious task for me and it’s gradually getting out of control. As I child, I was fascinated by the cartoon show ‘The Jetsons’. […]

La Delusiones Italiana

Dubai has a wide range of fine dining restaurants to choose from and my friends and I make it a point to try out a new place every weekend. Occasionally we re-visit places that deserve a second visit but generally and by unanimous agreement we try new places. The restaurants here are such a treat […]