”All readers are aspiring writers in a way…”

I have just finished my second reading of ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami. I first read it a year and a half ago after I had acquired it on Aamzon while searching for Paulo Coelho’s ‘Manuscripts Found in Accara’.  The choice seemed random, yet something told me to purchase it instead. ‘Norwegian Wood’ was an […]

Digital Detox

A little while ago I was sitting on my bed reading my daily quota (3 chapters) of Junot Diaz’s riveting novel ‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’. All the while my right hand kept twitching; my mind signaling me to get up and make a grab for my smartphone or my iPad. You see […]

Stop and Stare! #HappyDigitalLearningDay

In today’s tech-obsessed climate, we share almost everything online – even pictures of our food! We let everyone know where we spend our weekends, when we check into restaurants, where we’re holidaying, who we’re having coffee with, even who we’re engaged to marry! We’ve given an online dimension to almost every aspect of our lives. […]

Because 2041 Beckons…

The Global Countdown – http://2041.com/ Visiting the Antarctic is a dream that many nurture but only a privileged few are able to fulfill. If you go as a tourist the cost usually means you have to wait until much later on in life. So imagine how great it would be to go as a student […]

Confessions from a Flipped Classroom

Today has been interesting. In a lead up to the International Flipped Class Day, some of my colleagues and I have been working extra-hard to make virtual lessons exciting and engaging. We’ve taken the pledge and we’re sticking to it! http://flippedlearning.org/Domain/43 The group of boys who’ve unknowingly become part of my experiments with EdTech, Web 2.0 […]