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Dear Pa..

Dear Pa,

I remember sitting on the windowsill in Elliot road, after masi had finished getting me ready for the evening – hair slicked back in my signature style, dowsed in talcum powder and ready to greet you and ma at the door in my weekday best. I usually spent those evenings watching airplanes fly overhead, waiting for your Vespa to come gurgling through the gate. Then there were times I would play in the shadows of passing planes wondering what you were doing in whichever part of the world you were in.

You pa, taught me the love of travel. You taught me that spending money on experiences always beats spending money on material things and that the world is full of so many different destinations with so many cultures to learn from and appreciate. Without leaving home, you showed me more than you will ever know. You took my imagination and led me all over the world just through your stories, the photographs you brought back and the passion with which you recounted every detail.

I am thankful every day that I have a dad who understands that, while an education is a priceless gift, you learn so much more experiencing the world than you ever could from a textbook. Cultures, traditions, food, manners, and languages are all things that must be experienced to be fully understood. Thank you for always encouraging me to get up and go, because when I did, I started to learn who I was.

Happy Father’s Day Pa, I’ll see you soon!

Love, Syd.






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