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Simple Things 

There is a certain coffee mug I own. It’s not too tall, not too short or wide and when I hold it, it nestles itself snugly in my palms. It has a wide mouth with a subtle taper and it’s oversized enough to hold just the right amount of coffee for me. It edoesn’t shine anymore and there’s a tiny chip on the rim – but to me, it’s perfect.

Do you find that in all parts of life, the greatest joys are in the simplest of things? The ones that come your way unexpectedly or disappear quickly but leave you basking in an afterglow? 

My coffee mug may seem like an eyesore to some people but both with my mug and with life, I think it’s important to know a good thing when you find it. You treasure it, don’t let it go. 

Jumped out of bed to put a thought into words but I think I’ll have a coffee in my favourite mug, now that I’m up. 

Simple things, I tell you! 


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