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It’s time to start writing again.

It’s time to start writing again.  I’ve kept up with reading.  In fact, I’ve read more than 17 novels this year, and it’s only mid-May. That is an accomplishment, for me. If I were to devote even just a portion of the time I spend reading and watching TV shows to writing, I’d easily have 50 more blog entries by now if not a more tangible piece of writing. Writing is catharsis for me, but I definitely have not spent enough time doing it lately.

In some ways, I feel a bit like an addict… I keep falling off the wagon and I keep recommitting myself.  I feel better about it each time, and I stick with it for a while, but then life gets in the way again.

I have a plethora of half-finished blog entries. I generally don’t post anything until I’ve reviewed it, edited it, re-reviewed it again, and generally feel like it’s both reasonably well written and of a reasonable length.  I’ve always been afraid of making too small entries – feeling like people deserve a good chunk of content when they give me their eyeballs for a few minutes.  And in truth, even when writing short pieces like this one, it takes me about ten times as long to write, read, edit, and publish than it does for you to read it.  But I’m going to start trying to be a bit less of a perfectionist.  I’m going to publish more pieces, even if I don’t feel like they’re perfect, and even if I feel like they’re too short.

Catharsis can be difficult to find when the prospect of engaging in your cathartic activity is sometimes daunting. But I’m not a quitter (except when it comes to getting my driving license but that’s a whole other blog post)… and the fact that I haven’t been updating the blog has always stuck in the back of my mind like a … stuck in the back of your mind kind of thing…

So I guess I’m back, I guess I am going to write and publish some more posts and I’m certainly not going anywhere, even if I go into hiding once in a while.



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