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Mundane Ramblings

I’ve been in a half-waking/half-dreaming state since around 4 am today. I finally got out of bed around 5:30. The alarm hadn’t even gone off yet. I stood in my balcony for a while, studied for a little bit and then I figured I’d blog and get it out of the way before the sun comes up and I’m distracted by the ins and outs of everyday life. (Unfortunately, I’ll probably post this hours later, when I’m convinced it’s good enough to go online)

After the rush of the work week that surges past us in a blur, Friday mornings in the UAE are calm and tranquil experiences. Till about 11 am, the emirates seem to be in a deep slumber, nobody stirs, there are no traffic snarls, balconies are deserted except for the odd early riser standing outdoors, coffee-cup in hand, luxuriating in the stillness of the morning. Everybody makes the most of the languid atmosphere.  Only the Muezzin’s full throated voice breaks the somewhat eerie silence as he calls his faithful brothers to prayer. ṣalāt al-jum`ah.

Friday mornings in the UAE really are a different kind of special for me, full of possibilities at the cusp of the weekend, a time when it’s easy to appreciate the quiet of the world around me. It gives me time to think. To write. To wonder. To be. A luxury we don’t really have all through the week. Unfortunately, my weekend schedule is most often globally unsychrozied as family and friends all over the world are still working or busy bringing their work weeks to an end.

I’m beginning to feel that morning rituals are important, especially on the weekends. Through the week, as so many of us can attest, we are busy and dragged in so many directions, we can’t figure out which way is up by the end of it. We crave that respite from the world, and a calm weekend morning ritual can really set the tone for the rest of the weekend and the start of your next week. I don’t have a set weekend ritual yet but I am beginning to feel the need to design one.

It’s never really too late to carve out your own ritual and see what pieces fall into place, is it? By the end of the week I’m so thoroughly exhausted, from 5:00 am wake up alarms, to putting in a full week at work that relishing the silence of the weekend seems exactly like what the imaginary doctor ordered.

Anyway, I’ve got a full weekend planned. There was a plan to travel to Fujairah with some friends but I’ve put that on hold temporarily but there’s still a lot more to be done and I better get started.


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