Assignments, Deadlines and Dirty Laundry

Studying for my Master’s degree while having a full time job is turning out to be so much more challenging that I thought. So is keeping adequate groceries in the house. Two nights ago I had popcorn for dinner, last night sushi, which I also had for breakfast this morning. I ate the last of the cheese slices just now, and the only biscuits left in the packet are the broken ones. The coffee supply is running low too. That’s when it gets really scary.

I thought I might go out for supplies this morning but I ended up calling some friends over and we walked a few blocks to Caribou for an iced Americano. I figured that counted for exercise for the day – something else that’s gone by the wayside this last week since I was away in India. I’m also behind on the laundry and am yet to unpack the two Nike duffel bags that I brought back from my trip last week. My passport and some funky trinkets from @happilyunmarried are somewhere in there too.

Why am I confessing all this in a blog post? I can’t say. Maybe I’m hoping for absolution for this unusual streak of slobbishness by the gods of the blogosphere. Or at least few murmurs of understanding from my fellow bloggers. Maybe even an offer from someone to bring over a pizza or Chinese takeaway. This has been such a hectic week and it has gone by in a blur of assignments…coffee…spreadsheets…coffee…emails…teenage drama….more coffee and more deadlines.

The good news is that the deadline for the assignments is just a few weeks away and I’m nearing the final lap. The excel spreadsheets for school keep getting more and more complicated and I have enlisted the help of someone wiser with the formulae’s to get them done. Once I’m finished with the assignments and the documentation, things will go back to normal—microwave-ready meals and fresh blog posts and lots of coffee shots

Just checking in to say that it feels good to be back in the swing of things though and I hope that all is well with you.


3 comments on “Assignments, Deadlines and Dirty Laundry

  1. Come back home son, you just study and I’ll take care of the rest.

  2. Sydney beta, your absolution lies herein. Get thee a wife – soon!!

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