My Mind Wanders…and Wonders…

I began typing this post as the last rays of the sun disappeared behind the imposing sky scrapers that dot the Sharjah skyline. The view from Qasbawhere I’m sitting is breathtaking. In front of me is the lagoon, to my right is a giant Ferris wheel and fountains and over on my left is a parking lot. Ok, maybe not all of it is breathtaking!

So here I am! Almost seven years since I first arrived here and I have not stopped since then— working, meeting people, eating, walking, learning, more eating and meeting more people. And as far as I know, as long as I live in the UAE it is going to be like this.

The sights here are surreal, and that’s the only word I can find to adequately describe this place. As I look out at the restaurants stirring back to life, the Mu’azzin’s full throated voice fills the air as he calls his brothers and sisters to prayer; Maghrib. Soft music begins to play, long tapered candles are being lit in the Turkish café across the wooden bridge and I continue to linger at my table, my fingers circling the rim of my paper-fiber coffee cup. There’s so much to see here, so many things to learn, so much to experience and I don’t think I have the language for a fitting description of it all.

Seven years is a long time to be away from home. But the UAE has grown on me and as clichéd as this might seem, it now feels like home too. Moving here was exciting, scary even – I was only 23 and while I sometime miss the structure, comfortable routine and massive social network one has at home with family, I have gained an exciting, interesting life that keeps me open-minded and on my toes, it encourages me to me make new friends and new memories here and across the globe.

I wonder though if my life turned out as it was meant to. I remember sitting in a friend’s car past midnight a week or two ago and thinking out loud. Is this it? What more does life have in store? Why does it feel like we’re all on the brink of something monumental but we don’t know what it is? Does one’s Raison d’être have to be fixed, static and one-dimensional or do we allow it to evolve, to grown and to unfold?

I know I’m babbling this evening but even this gibberish keying feels cathartic. All I’m saying really is this; I’m still searching. I’m still looking. I’m still figuring out what God has in store for me and why I’m here at this point, at this stage of my life. The questions come in torrents the answers don’t. So I wait. I Work. I plan. I do. I dream. I wonder. I and I love that I get to explore all of those opportunities here in the UAE where it feels like home even if it’s just for now.

Anyway, the city has come back to life and the tranquility of the Qasba has been supplanted with the raucous cacophony of the post- Iftar shoppers. So, time to stop ruminating and get a move on things; back to more writings and more meetings.

Everything will fall in place. It always does.
I need a coffee refill!




3 comments on “My Mind Wanders…and Wonders…

  1. What you really need then is a vacation in Toronto ! #bringNeenaMaam #Summer2014
    😉 Try Tim Hortons maybe..

  2. We need that past midnight talk one last time…..

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