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Normal Is Not Really My Thing

I had a very interesting conversation with someone this weekend – someone who was on a mission (or so it seemed) to make me see the sense in wanting what she called a ‘normal life’.  A life that included a very definite plan for marriage, children, buying a home and living the predictable way that everybody seems to love and want. The problem is I don’t want all of that, yet.  In fact, I really don’t know what I want just as yet and I see nothing wrong in that. But I’m pretty certain that ‘normal’ isn’t something I want my life to be.

I think when people say normal they actually mean typical or average, neither of which I’ve ever wanted to be. It has taken me years to not-fit-in and I’m not about to let that go. I’ve always been drawn to the road less traveled, the abnormal, the uncommon, the strange, the romantics, the round pegs in the square holes and the freaks.

I’ve been questioned and prodded about my choices. I never shared my friend’s interests or hobbies. Typical teenage shenanigans bored me. In fact and as far back as I can remember I have always been known to go back to what my heart really wants.

I guess people just want to feel comfortable around us and when we choose things that sort of rock their world or are different from what they think is normal, it makes them uncomfortable. Maybe it makes them question their own choices, or maybe it brings up their own desire to not fit in so perfectly. It really has very little do with us.

To assume there is a normal way of life, and to judge others is a form of denial. It’s denying the beautiful differences and freedom of choice that we have been given. It is a way of disconnecting from others and leading isolated lives. Well, that’s how I see it.

I learned long ago to live with my choices. They make me happy. I am still learning to be open to what comes to me when I ask God to lead my footsteps. I know he’s pretty unpredictable, always springing surprises and I really love it!  I am about letting go of the past and what others might want for me. I am about the round pegs in those square holes I talked about. I just wish more people saw that as sort of normal too!



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