Ali – Gone Too Soon :'(

The news exploded in our chests,

it can’t, it just cannot be true!!

The unforeseen, blinding shock,

To lose someone like you!


We stood beside your grave today,

something we *never* thought we’d have to do.

They pointed to a mound of dust,

and said beneath it was, YOU.


But you’re not there –

Your spirit lives, in your words, your thoughts and deeds.

In your little jokes, your deep ideas and in all our memories.


So suddenly the end arrived;

like a bolt out of the blue.

We close our eyes and speak your name;

Our prayers go heavenward for you.


You’re gone today – gone too soon,

We could not say goodbye.

But in our hearts and in our minds, Ali,

your memory will never die.

R.I.P Ali, we miss you so much already.


3 comments on “Ali – Gone Too Soon :'(

  1. sir my dad is in shock as in the mosque he was the humblest person we ever met ….he would talk properly and behave very well but sadly we have lost him …may his soul rest in peace 😥

  2. I taught him in grade 3…I cant forget his face…love u Ali…

  3. That was so beautiful, Sydney. Just can’t believe it still. I never knew when I spoke to him yesterday that it would be ‘Here today but gone tomorrow’!

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