I Don’t Know What to Title This

Let me just preface this post by saying that very rarely do I attempt to write in verse and after you’ve read what follows, you’ll know why. It lacks structure, there is no form, neither does it rhyme nor can it be categorized as blank verse….so I really don’t know what this is.  All I do know, is that this is a very honest articulation of some thoughts swirling around in my head these days so, please be kind in your feedback.

(Insert Title Here)
They are amusing things, you know –
my mind, my heart and my soul.
Each perpetually seeking to assert themselves in my life;
continually demanding my attention or my surrender.
And it seems as if the one I choose to allow onto the stage of my experiences,
Is the one who directs my course in those moments,
while the others revolt in rage – screaming out at me for making the wrong decision. Again.

Is a peaceful co-existence between the three possible at all?
Or will it always be that when one rises
the others fall? Why does every decision have to be wrought with unease? Always over-thought.

But today, right here, right now I am simply what I am.
My strained breath is my only steady friend while the world around me seems to be exploding with the crazies.
Peace of mind. Blissful peace – I’ll take it whenever I can have it,
for if I don’t, I know the world around me will try to grab it.

I guess I’ll just continue to surrender unknowingly to the three imposters and allow them to lead me to those very things that I’ve sought so long. Right now, peace, truth and fulfillment seem so elusive from where I’m standing;

but perhaps, just perhaps – I’ve been looking in the wrong direction all along.





2 comments on “I Don’t Know What to Title This

  1. love it syd! u should delve in “the realm of the unknown” more often! reminds me of a post-modern form of Donne!

  2. Sydney, was contemplating on a title for your blog, but instead this verse came to mind.

    Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Love you and God bless.

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