Sometimes Life Is Way Too Unfair

Sometimes life is way too unfair.

Our search to find meaning amidst life’s myriad complications – to find the “why” – seems to be an unavoidable feature of being human.

We search, we yearn and we crave for explanations to life’s catastrophes. We want to know why difficult and sometimes horrible things happen to us and to those we love. We want to understand why good people have to go through the worst pain possible.

Yet, often there is a nagging knowledge at the back of our minds and if we are honest, in the depths of our souls too, that the answers we provide ourselves are not soul satisfying. No amount of logic, reason, self-help books or thoughts from new-age gurus will ever be enough. These temporary solutions never leave us with the sense of peace we long for. In fact, the answers may leave us with more painful questions.

So often I struggle to find the words to say to make a difference in the lives of my friends and give them hope and courage to keep going through their circumstances. I wonder…Will anything I say ever be enough? Will I really be able to understand the pain, the years of hurting, the anguish and the fear of the future?

I think we’ve all lived both sides of this equation: we’ve all been the friend in need, and we’ve been the shoulder to cry on. Friends seem to make things easier. I mean, there is some solace in knowing you’re not facing your hurt alone, and that there are people in your life who will stand by you in times of trouble. It’s enough to almost make you grateful for the bad times, just to experience the joys of friendship and love. But sometimes we’re incapacitated by circumstances and as friends we don’t even know how to comfort each other through the pain.

You see, I’m not pessimistic and I don’t whine ‘why me? Or ‘Why is this happening to my friend?’ all the time. I know that we each are dealt our hand, and most of the time we’re fine with it; we deal with it and we learn to live with it. But sometimes, just sometimes it gets too much and people are left hanging on with everything they’ve got. Life shouldn’t be *that* hard. Nobody deserves to struggle *so* much. Sometimes, life is way too unfair.

Just Saying.


4 comments on “Sometimes Life Is Way Too Unfair

  1. Hi Sydney, interesting read. I’ve struggled with this as well. You see we are very limited in our abilities to face our struggles or be of help to those who have these struggles. That’s the reason there is an almighty God who’s so unlimited, on whom we need to place our dependence. He says, “My grace is sufficient for you.” Sometimes God allows these restless moments in our lives in order get us to him.

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  3. No words Syd. Thank you for being there.

  4. It’s always a delight to read what you write,the depth,the philosophy and how one can easily relate to…Good luck and looking forward to more …..

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