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The blogosphere is going crazy with people from all over the world spouting shock and horror at yet another mass hate crime in the USA. My initial reaction to the news of the killings was ‘Not again!’ and within an instant, the significance of the though weighed down on me. I realized that I’ve become too accustomed to news reports like this. It seems like over time and with the relentless frequency with which the number of such crimes continues to rise, I’ve become almost used to it, and I know I’m not alone in this. This reaction however, is unacceptable and unwholesome. We have to shake off our own conditioning to these repeted murders. We have to shake off the idea that “they just keep happening” and instead look below the surface.

Mass murders like the ones in Aurora, the Gurudwara in Wisconsin and now like the one in Connecticut is not where all our concern must lie. With every consecutive mass hate crime, the truth becomes more and more apparent. Mass murders are just consequences of much deeper and more significant social and moral collapses that have begun to erode at our society and at our moral fiber.

As more facts are gradually unearthed, we will find out much more about the ‘who’ and the ‘what’ — we might even hear several so-called reasons why the shooter did what he did. But those facts won’t provide an answer to why this happened. Over the next several days, you will be hit with all sorts of evidence suggesting one motive or another. Don’t be so quick to believe them all. Whatever went on in his head, in his heart or in his family, it does not come close to explaining why innocent little children had to die on Friday. It never will.

While outraged citizens of a global community continue to pressurize the US government to discuss gun control measures, there is no guarantee that the regulations will help curb the madness that threatens to engulf our world.

At the end of the day there is only one question that needs to be asked. How do you get people to stop killing other people? Sadly, there is no ready answer. Many believe that if this question ever really gets answered, the world will be a much better place! That is not true. People, as long as they remain people, will continue to kill, it cannot be stopped. There are many reasons for it, some acceptable others less so.

Would I be overstating it if I went out on a limb to make the bold assertion that we have lost our moral compass? As a global population we are losing our ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust.

The shock of this heinous crime will still vibrate and will continue to cause hurt and grief. World over, the discussion on why people seem to be freely mislaying their moral compass and the steps that need to taken to make people sensitive and compassionate needs to start now – and in earnest. Parents and educationalist and adults wake up. Our tomorrows depend on what you teach OR fail to teach your children today!


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  1. Dear Mr. Atkins, My son studies in your class 7 D and I have been equally shocked by this event, In fact, watching the news almost continuously, I have almost been in mourning for the past few days. I found myself explainign to my child about what he should do in the eventuality of such an attack – this is what the world has come to. Yes, we as parents and educators have to instill a strong moral fibre in the children.

    I just wanted to mention something which has been causing me grave concern – the violent video games our children play. Games like Call of Duty are 18+ but are commonly played by our 12-13 year old children. These games are only about hunting down enemies and killing them – with guns – educating them about all kinds of weapons and ammunition. Videos games like these are known to de-sensitise the children to violence. I had not allowed my child to play this till now, yet succumbed to his pleas and gave this game to him on his 12th b’day, only cos most of his friends have been playing this game for 1-2 years. This is how peer presure operates. I on my part will stop him from playing this, but was hoping that if you agree with these views, then you too could give a talk about things like this in their class. Attached is a link of similiar views expressed by another parent in the U.S. Thanks.


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