An Old-Fashioned Romance

Everybody has a love story – and if you ask me, some have way too many. My parents however, have a great one. Granted, all love stories are worth sharing, but I have to admit of all the ones I’ve heard from friends and family, it’s my parents’ one that I love most.

I remember back to an afternoon at home. I must have been about fourteen or fifteen years old then, my dad was away abroad on an office assignment and I remember sitting and having a discussion with my mum while my baby brother played with his G.I Joe figurines beside us.  Somewhere in the course of that conversation I happened to ask her ‘Ma, who do you love most?’ and was expecting her answer to be ‘I love you both equally, my boys’ but without a moment’s hesitation she replied ‘ Papa!, I love your father the most.’

You see, of all the things I’m grateful for in my life, the thing I am most grateful for is that my parents are as deeply in love with each other today as they were when they married each other 29 years ago. I have had countless conversations with my folks about their lives, their love, their struggles and their triumphs. But, through it all, I’ve watched my parents allowing their love to evolve and grow. They remember what brought them together, the many struggles they’ve experienced together (and there were many!), but they’ve always turned to each other for strength through it all.

My own ideas of love and relationships have been greatly influenced by the love my parents share. In a day and age like ours where bottled milk lasts longer than some marriages, my parents continue to defy every obstacle that comes their way. They still hold hands, exchange kisses, (mum’s going to kill me for this blog post) they go out and share meals together, and do all sorts of things that demonstrate their love and affection for each other. They have a bond they didn’t have when they married and If they’d experienced a lull and given up, they would have never achieved those bond that have developed over the years.

Growing up and now whenever I go back home to India one of the things I love watching is how every evening when my dad returns home after a long day at the office, he walks to my mum and plants a kiss on her cheeks. I love the fact that they still sit down each evening and talk about work, about extended family, they laugh, ( my mum loves to dramatize the events of her day) they fight over the crossword and who gets to use the laptop. All this reminds me that they love each other and that their marriage comes first. And I love it.

29 years ago, they did not have a fancy wedding, no photographers, fanfare and no revelry late into the night. But I’ve been to fancy weddings and then some, but plenty of those couples still don’t have the kind of marriage and the kind of relationship my folks do. And that’s just putting things mildly.

My parents’ is the greatest love story I’ve ever known and I’m so proud to call them mine. Happy 29th Anniversary Ma and Pa! Here’s to your old-fashioned romance, may you both have a long and happy life filled with everything you have ever hoped and dreamed of. I love you both. So much.


4 comments on “An Old-Fashioned Romance

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  2. Very well written Syd and so true. God bless you. Love you lots. Aunty Joyce

  3. Heart warming Sir,and as we say Masha allah! May God bless your parents always.You are fortunate to have such wonderful parents.Do convey my best wishes to them.

  4. Hey Sydney,
    Thanks alot for the post and know that your mom & I love each other for many more reasons and examples you’ve written. You and Sherwin inspire us to hold on to “love” and “sacrifice” that I believe are bonds that keep us moving forward.
    Thank you for the wishes and know we’re so proud of you both in what you have and still strive to achieve. It’s our only goal in life to see you both do more, achieve more and love more than we ever could.

    Have a Happy Childrens’ Day! (We choose to marry very particulary on this day)

    With so much untold love…..

    Ma & Pa. :):):)

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