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Reblogging an old post this morning….

Frankly Speaking - Sydney Atkins

Note: your friends do not have to be exceptionally good looking as the picture above suggests.

808 Facebook friends,150 Twitter followers, 81 BBM contacts and over 250 names in my phonebook. Why then, does it still feel like some of the most important friendships of my life no longer exist? Have you ever wondered what happened to those good friends you had ten years ago? The ones who knew everything about you? Every single thing! One day, you’re basking in the comfort and security of your friendship and then suddenly you find yourself looking back at those times, wondering, where have they all gone?

Despite the romanticized notion of the BFF that was propagated all over the world by none other than Paris Hilton, the ugly truth is that most friendships do not last. A simple Google search will show that more than half of our friendships begin to fade over…

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