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Frankly Speaking - Sydney Atkins

As we navigated our way through the crowded expanses of Dubai Mall, one of my friends who was visiting from Calcutta turned to me and casually asked: ‘So where are all the Arabs?’  Looking around I realized the number of sparkling white Kandora’s and the flowing black Abaya’s were miniscule in comparison to the number of international brands on display .As is so typical with women, the afternoon then became about brand spotting and the mall turned into a free for all fashion extravaganza. Everywhere we looked we were able to spot the most famous brands: Levi’s, Ed Hardy, Louis Vuitton and what have you, all in an ocean of blue jeans.

A little later, as we settled into the plush leather sofas and ordered our café lattes, I began to wonder. Fashion in Dubai has evolved in the past decade, having gone from more traditional clothing styles to incorporating…

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