Amazing Kids!

For me personally, one of the best things about being a teacher is watching the children I teach or interact with making that crucial transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Sometimes, the shift is difficult and the children require sustained support and encouragement to make it through. But there are also other times when the change is so seamless and so amazing that it leaves me astonished and completely overwhelmed.

The image of the average young adult is no longer the petulant and uncommunicative stereotype we once knew.  Today, young people are confident, articulate, worldly-wise and so highly skilled. Young people of this generation have limitless possibilities stretched out before them and they are unafraid to reach out for the most incredible dreams that they want to achieve and they do so with zeal, passion and without any inhibitions.  Today, they are more than happy to shatter any notion of the good-for-nothing stereotypical teenagers and are able to stand up against adults, outdated ideologies and the status quo without batting an eyelid.

Let me give you an example. I received a message last night from a former pupil, Rishabh Kumar. To say Rishabh was a star pupil is an understatement. In the years that I knew and taught ‘RK’, he won laurels for debating, quizzing, elocution and a host of other things. That was then. Today Rishabh has been elected City Youth Counselor for the city of Toronto. What a remarkable achievement! I’ve done my bit of reading and I’m amazed by the complexity of the post that he has been elected to.  RK will now work closely with local politicians to facilitate community development, empower youth and influence public policies.

Success stories like this one are not few and far between. I’m so grateful that I get to interact with young people who are working continuously to change the way we think, work and live.  Kids today dream big. How beneficial it will prove in later years for the children to know now that they can carve out any kind of future they wish for themselves. The children we teach, revel in a world that holds limitless possibilities and I’m so grateful that I’m in a position to help throw open the doors to this mind-boggling future that they have ahead of them.

The children I have taught in the past and the ones I presently interact with never cease to amaze me. They amaze me with their determination and creativity, and they are the ones who drive me to bring my “A” game each day. Not a single day goes by when I don’t walk into a class and remind myself that in front of me are some of the brightest minds of this generation. There is no doubt that among them are future CEO’s, doctors, politicians, world leaders, astronauts, lawyers, film stars and what have you.

I read somewhere some time ago, that when we encourage children to dream big and push them to their limits, we open doors for them that will lead to places that are difficult for us to imagine. How true that is of today’s world where there are unlimited possibilities and young children with infinite talent and potential.

So here’s to those amazing kids, their amazing dreams and the amazing success stories that are sure to follow. I’m just glad that i get to be a tiny part of their journeys.

Dedicated to RK and all the other AMAZING KIDS I know 🙂



4 comments on “Amazing Kids!

  1. Hi Mr Atkins…..what a lovely article…..and Rishabh sure is lucky to have had teachers such as yourself who have encouraged and guided him and played no small part in how he has turned out today.

    • Hi ma’am, so good to hear from you. I’m sure you’re feeling on top of the world as well. I love hearing from Rishabh and reading about his many accomplishments. It makes me and all of us here in Dubai so proud!

  2. What a wonderful and encouraging words from a teacher to his pupil.
    Such are the teachers and taught of todays generation. Congratulations, Best wishes
    and Blessings from,
    A Grand Father

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