Full Circle Moments

I was playing with my iPod early this morning when I suddenly came across this note I had jotted down while flying from Dubai to South Africa earlier this year. It’s a note that I frantically typed out when a sudden memory came flooding back to mind. I know it’s seven months old but I thought I’d share it anyway…

January 27th, 2012 : Somewhere over Africa

It feels like such a long time has passed since that day in my eighth grade Geography class. I remember it so clearly, I can recall every little detail with crystal clear clarity. I was sitting and listening to my teacher lecture us on the physical features of Africa. Beside me, my friend Rutherford Alford was almost asleep. He’d spent the previous night at the stables as usual, prepping his horses for the Darby.

I must have drifted off in the midst of that class because all I remember is hearing my name being called out suddenly. I was called to the board and was asked to point out the Drakensberg mountains. For whatever reason, I couldn’t do so, and I remember my teacher joking that my mind had probably drifted to the mountains themselves. I was so embarrassed at being caught and cursed myself for not being attentive.

Truth be told, my teacher was probably right. Back then, every time I studied about a new country, or read about the natural beauty of a continent, all I could think about or dream of was – getting on an airplane to travel around the world… I wanted to see it all for myself. Reading it in a book seemed so mundane.

I was fascinated by the idea of travel. The noisy rumblings of an airplane overhead, always sent me into a daydream tizzy. At that time, so long ago, my dreams were just dreams. I never imagined myself being able to actually travel the world and see for myself and be amazed by the things that I was reading in books. But life is so beautiful and God is so good, he had plans for me that were far more incredible than my humble daydreams. Sitting here, I’m reminded of my favorite Bible verse :

‘Honor the Lord your God and he will grant you the desires of your heart.’

The reason I shared that verse with you is because at this very moment, as I type this note on my iPod, I’m in an airplane and the pilot has just announced that we’re flying over the Drakensberg mountain range on our way to Cape Town, South Africa. Below me, the Earth is rushing past in swirls of green and with every successive swirl I can recall myriad memories and fulfilled daydreams.

What a full circle moment for me… Just saying.