Prometheus – A Review

I will preface everything that I’m about to say with the following: don’t worry I’m not going to give away the plot! So please, read on…

As the lights in the theatre gradually began to fill the room with life, I realized that not a single person had moved. For several minutes after the final scene of Prometheus had played out (a startling prequel to Ridley Scott’s favourite genre) people still sat motionless, trying to make sense of what they had just witnessed.  A gentle murmur soon began to fill the air as couples, friends and family members began discussing the two-hour 3D extravaganza.

I remember feeling the same way when I watched Christopher Nolan’s Inception a couple of years ago and funnily my brother echoed my thoughts as we were walking out of the theater. Both films present the audience with a long list of existential questions to ponder and mull over.  Where did we come from? Who made us? What is our role in the creation of life? What moral responsibilities have human beings been entrusted with? What is our fundamental purpose? They are the kind of questions that demand post-screening discussion and could torment you when you fail to figure out the answers that many are so desperately searching for.

And yet, Prometheus is different. In addition to being delectably crafted by one of the greats of the sci-fi genre, it is both a visual and intellectual treat.  Touching on the age-old debate between religion and science, the film catapults us into a future so unreal, so remarkable that we are forced to sit back open-mouthed and take in the beauty of the futuristic world the audience is compelled to become a part of. All the while, Scott has us mulling over our own ideologies, our own personal beliefs and the faith we have. With its themes of spirituality, supernatural forces and the origins of life, it’s no surprise that Prometheus will leave your mind spinning.

The film is fast-paced, engaging and its highlight is undoubtedly the absolutely crackling star cast. Noomi Rapace is a revelation and Michael Fassbender is the perfect foil to her fiery character. Together they carry the film.

If you watch Prometheus with the hope that all your questions will be answered and that all your doubts will be wrapped up in tiny little bows of closure and understanding, then be warned. The film attempts to do no such thing and that’s precisely why I love it. It is without a doubt, a thinking man’s film and like with any form of art, it is open to interpretation. Films like this generally make people uncomfortable and tend to ignite heated discussion. Prometheus does all that and more. Go out and watch it if you haven’t already, it will blow your mind!