Conquering the Common Cold

I woke up this morning feeling completely uninspired. Normally the weekends bring out the best in me but today, all I can think of is staying in bed because of the nasty cold I have had for the last week. It’s only a cold, but I’d much rather be really really sick than just have the cold. It makes me feel only half-competent and knocks me out completely.

I can’t think of anything more annoying than having the cold. I’m not properly ill, so I can’t exactly cry sick and skip work as that would be a bit too pathetic and still, on the other hand I feel so utterly ghastly that I want to just stay in bed and do absolutely nothing at all! In my case it also makes me rather grumpy and I am not normally grumpy.

Such is the situation I have found myself in this week. I’m sniffling, too hot, then too cold, I’m beginning to sound like a baritone and I feel miserable when I wake up from sleep.

I did my best to stifle the petty ailment with pills, powders and convalescent meals, but that has only resulted in strange, strangled noises coming from my throat while my body shudders each time I feel a bout of sneezing coming along. It is, in short, a nightmare.

It’s going to be a nasty weekend so if anyone has any ideas for how to get rid of a cold I would be most grateful.