Hard Work Does Pay…

Thank heavens, but success is still all about good old-fashioned hard work! In a run-up to our annual Prize Day, I’ve just finished typing out what success means to a number of kids in my school. I had them hand in their reflections this afternoon and when I collected those tiny scraps of paper earlier today, I was not expecting to find the deep and thought-provoking descriptions I came across.

Here are some definitions these remarkable achievers came up with.

I try hard to fan the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. That is how I achieve all that I desire to. –  Nada Parveen

Success and failure are only temporary. The impact of the experience is what lives on forever. – Jayant Siddharth

The many secrets of success won’t work unless I do! Some dream of success, others wake up and work at it. – Shreeya Mahesh

Success and hard work go hand in hand. The two cannot exist without the other. – Pranathi Rao

Hard work may not guarantee my success but it definitely improves its chances. – Dhruv Sharma

I had a rough day today; I’ve actually had quite a few of those recently. But like always, it’s the children who make me realize that everything I’m doing and all the experiences I have to go through are so worth it in the end.

Teaching is a difficult job. What makes it more difficult is that the fruits of the labour we put in are not visible all the time. Sometime they manifest years later when names have been forgotten and faces are a distant blur. The way I see it is, successful teachers put in long, sacrificial hours of hard work along the way. They don’t seek validation. Over time they are able to see little children grow into men and women of character. They see lives transformed and leaders emerge. They suddenly realize that while they were lost in all those hours of paper-work, e-mails, craft, responding to parents and planning lessons they were also able to affect lives, to mould character and to build moral fiber into one of the most enterprising generations in human history.

I’m so glad I was reminded of that this evening. And I’m so glad the reminder came from the children I teach. Now that’s a real reward for long hours of hard-work. There are so many times when I question the things I do. And then there are times like today when I sit back, sigh and say ‘screw it all’ I’ll just keep working hard and doing what I do best!

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