Obama the Evolver

Anyone remotely willing to read between the lines of Obama’s previous public statements on gay marriage could tell that he personally did not have a problem with it, but I guess all along he was just afraid of the political repercussions of involving himself in such a mammoth social issue.

Now suddenly, in an interview to ABC that has unleashed a media frenzy world over, he has publically affirmed his belief that civil unions cannot take the place of a marriage and that those who choose to enter into same-sex marriages should have the right to do so.

Now, even though that’s a courageous sand to take, I’m led to believe that his reasons were political and not personal as he so eloquently professed to T.V titan Robin Roberts of ABC.

I think it’s very brave of him in a way, a gamble even, because with this, Obama risks of course alienating a huge section of conservative voters. But with this unexpected heroic move, he has carefully and tactfully roped in the support of America’s large LGBT community and with it a significant number of voters.

My cynicism however stems from a question that has been nagging me since I heard him on the interview. Does Obama really believe in same-sex marriages? Has his understanding and personal opinion really been evolving like he professes? Or is this just another case of a politician sacrificing his personal philosophies and principles at the altar of unprecedented political power? Isn’t it even moderately strange that someone who has been so tight-lipped about gay marriage has suddenly flipped 360 at this crucial point in his re-election campaign?

You see, suddenly this declaration is all that people are talking about. No one cares for the state of the American economy anymore. Nobody’s asking pointed political questions about poverty and unemployment. The focus has been shifted so strategically that one must question the motives of this government. Suddenly, just like that, Romney’s voice has been silenced and even if this game isn’t over yet, this certainly is a trump card for President Obama.


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