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Iceberg Therapy

Hi everyone, I’ don’t have much time tonight. I have three episodes of Shah’s of Sunset to watch and a pile of papers that need to be graded too. I decided to spend a few minutes in response to a question I was asked earlier today which I was not able to answer well enough.

What makes you enjoy writing? I was asked.

Well, I am usually compelled to write by a sudden impulse or thought – one that passes quickly if I am too slow to act upon it. Sometimes it is fueled by a memory that creeps up on me unexpectedly or an experience that has affected me. I begin where the idea starts – but more often than not I end up in another place altogether. The ideas are like icebergs, hiding in them a deeper or more profound truth or realization and the process of sitting down, gathering my thoughts and then tapping away on my keyboard is so therapeutic.

You see, the process of writing allows me to shine light, space and words on an idea, thereby bringing it into focus and gaining clarity along the way. Sometimes I write just so that I can get my thoughts in order: so that I can focus, in spite of all the craziness around me. The writing ends up being more about the part of the iceberg I cannot initially see rather than what is showing above the waterline.

So there…that’s why I love putting my thoughts into words, you should try it sometime!

And now…back to the boulevard…


One comment on “Iceberg Therapy

  1. Even your neatness in your handwriting make you enjoy writing, doesn’t it?

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