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Happy 448th Birthday William Shakespeare!

Happy 448th Birthday William Shakespeare!

Four centuries ago Ben Jonson said of Shakespeare: “He was not of an age, but for all time!” … today his words still ring true and reverberate loud and long!

Born over four centuries ago, and the bard still continues to reign supreme affecting every aspect of our lives in oh! so many ways… Love him or loath him, he has influenced the books you read, the films you watch and the very language you speak. His works have been so influential that his legendary fingerprints can still be found buried deep within the fabrics of contemporary culture.

Let’s face it, whether you marvel at the way in which his characters spring to life, argue and disagree over the meaning of a scene that teachers force you to analyze and sometimes over-analyise, wallow in what I personally see as an exquisite use of words or simply explore the emotions steeped deep in his works, Shakespeare affects you and touches you at the very core of your being!

This maverick wordsmith revolutionized the way that we read and understand literature. His works remain timeless, and people are compelled to connect with the characters and the emotions irrespective of the generation or the century to which they belong. No other playwright has been able to display such a frightfully accurate insight into the workings of the human mind and to borrow a line from another great ‘to see into the life of things’ so accurately and profoundly.

So here’s to acknowledging the greatest writer that ever lived, who has stood the test of time and whose ‘eternal summer shall not fade’… EVER!


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