Happy Easter

Tourists visiting Dubai during Easter may be surprised to find a large number of bakeries churning out bread, buns and biscuits and chocolate shops and food stores stocking Easter treats of every conceivable shape and size. Needless to say, almost all of them make hefty profits by the end of the Easter weekend. The five star hotels put their best foot forward to arrange an Easter brunches, Easter dances and Easter egg hunts. The malls are decked up in Easter finery and many Schools and institutions remain closed to celebrate this annual Christian festival.

This is the fourth year I’m celebrating Easter alone in Dubai and with every successive year the feeling of misery that I experience just seems to get worse. There is nothing that compares to spending a festival like Easter with the people you love most – family. Thankfully I’ve been rescued today by friends who’ve thrown an impromptu Easter lunch. But I can’t help wondering what’s going on back home in Calcutta.

Each year, my family, the whole noisy lot of us, gather to celebrate the faith we share and the God we serve. In our homes you will not hear the sounds of music lingering into the wee hours of the morning. Our homes never boast of lavish parties and expensive traditions. You will not hear any wild revelry here. You will however hear peals of laughter, teasing, screaming, mimicking, singing, and every other simple pleasure that there is. In our homes, Easter, or any other festival for that matter, is about the whole bunch of us, the love we share, the faith we have and the Christ we celebrate.

For 27 years that’s how I’ve spent every holiday, festival and special occasion. Im so grateful to have a family that has shown me what love means and how families can embody it. This year unfortunately, we’re all spread right across the world either working or holidaying. Easter may not feel the same this year but I know no matter where they are or what they’re doing to celebrate Easter each one of them is thinking of another. That’s just how it is and always will be.

Happy Easter everyone, May God bless you and your Family.



3 comments on “Happy Easter

  1. Sydney, we miss & think of you not only during festive times but always. Stay Happy always, son.

  2. I miss u even more after reading this blog sydney.

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