My Love Affair with Procrastination …

…and why I have absolutely no problem with it.

My family and some of my friends have always known about my illicit romance with Procrastination. I’ve been involved with Procrastination for as far back as I can remember. I’m entertaining her right now as a matter of fact. It’s a relationship that has been nurtured over time: one that gives me the feeling of great comfort and familiarity. I know my chores will get done, eventually! So why rush, right?

I came home from work an hour ago. There are clothes that need to be put into the washer, I promised myself I’d start cooking instead of ordering in, my floor needs to be mopped ( I was supposed to do that two days ago) and here I am, writing about why I’m not doing all of that! In fact, the groaning commenced as soon as I set foot in the door and realized I had promised myself I’d take care of these things today!

If I could use a gadget or gizmo to record my thoughts, this is what we’d hear on playback.

“ Finally home….phew…need coffee…hmmm!……I hope there’s something in the fridge to eat….there isn’t….I should have gone to Megamart last evening….never mind….I’ll swing by today….or maybe tomorrow….oh, ok let me put my clothes in the washer….(attention is suddenly diverted by the pinging Blackberry…ten minutes later) oh darn! I need to make that presentation…will deal with the clothes tomorrow…’’

You get my drift, right?

Yes my dear friends, these are the ramblings of a chronic procrastinator – a bemused jumble of every distraction known to man. My name is Sydney Atkins, and I am a serial procrastinator!

You see, once I’m done with a hectic work day, something in me seems to snap shut. I suddenly begin doing things in a calm and leisurely manner. I’d rather run around frantically at the last possible minute than be constantly on my toes at the end of a twelve hour work day. It’s silly I know, maybe I like the rush and excitement that hurry brings to ordinary things or maybe I just have to be in the right mood to do things I actually like. Either way, I do it on my own time and at my own pace.

I have no qualms in admitting  to myself, that the long chain of incomplete projects, unfinished books and pending chores are a direct result of my ongoing love affair with procrastination. But really, is that so bad? Those things will get done, I never let them go undone for too long. And if I end up doing them at night when I sometimes can’t sleep anyway…then I’m ok with that too.

I’ll leave you with a thought before I get back to doing what I’m really supposed to be doing.

What if… instead of resisting your impulse to procrastinate, you threw yourself into it more fully? What if you dove headfirst into your biggest procrastination impulses? Where might they lead you?  I read a fabulous and thought provoking quote recently:

‘The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should do for the rest of your life.’ – Jessica Hische

So, forget about everything you planned on doing tonight, do what you really want to do. I’ve learnt that everything else always falls into place. Always.


2 comments on “My Love Affair with Procrastination …

  1. I just realised that Procrastination has been cheating on you with me and vice-versa!!

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