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Long Distance Lovin’

I believe in a lot of things, I also believe in love.

When I was in college, I watched several of my friends trying to maintain long distance relationships. I also watched them fail miserably. They were so taken up with the idea of being in love that they were unable to see the myriad obstacles that lay in the path to the happy endings they were all looking for.

You see, talk is cheap, and talking online for years without physicality is no easy feat.  But over the years, things seem to have become easier. Today, I have friends who are in some very successful long distance relationships, surviving months without seeing each other and yet are as committed to the relationship as they were when it first began.

Absence, they say makes the heart grow fonder. It also however, prevents the daily interlacing of events, both big and small, in each other’s lives, which is so crucial to any couple trying to work things out. But with the advent of social media and the technological revolution sweeping through our world, even this barrier has been removed. As new technologies are developed, it is becoming easier and easier for couples to make long distance relationships work. Today we’ve got social media sites, texting, chatting, web phones, webcams and what have you, to help us keep in touch with our distant loves. Imagine what things must have been like in the olden days where long distance couples could only communicate through snail mail. Sheesh!

So, why did I suddenly decide to blog about LDR’s ? Truth be told, a friend in the U.K was feeling pretty down last night, she hasn’t spoken to her boyfriend in three days. This blog post is for the two of them. It’s my message to a couple that makes this mammoth effort seem so simple.

I think if a strong love is shared by two people, the couple will survive the obstacles, no matter what. Yes, your circumstances may cut into a lot of your time. You lose sleep, stay up late at nights, ignore work or studies and spend so much money on phone and internet bills. I know that it can be a lonely path at times since the other isn’t around to share the day’s triumphs or disappointments. But remember, it is so important to remain grateful that you are blessed with having someone special in your life, even if he or she lives thousands and thousands of miles away.


One comment on “Long Distance Lovin’

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