The Most Influential Woman In My Life Is…

…not any one woman but many women who have taught me many things at various points in time. I could just as well say my mum or my grand mum hold pride of place but in fact, they both have been equally influential. It was both of them; it was my aunt who never forgot my birthday, it is my cousin who is so special to me and it is some of my best friends.

Today the women around me that influence me are those who take the time to share with me the things in life that I didn’t learn earlier on. Some of these women pray with me and some pray for me. Some of them simply listen. Some I’ve never met, they continue to touch my life through their writings, their poetry and their stories. How can any one person be the biggest influence on your life? We are constantly growing and changing with the trials of life so that brings about the need for different women to walk along side of us to help us get to where we want to be.

My mom is my pillar of strength, my aunts have shown me what being ‘family’ really means, my cousins and my closest friends have seen me through the best of times and the worst of times and women writers teach me profound messages that I will never forget. I can’t begin to imagine What I would  do without these women in my life.

In a world that’s busy celebrating international women’s day today and a global media bouncing half empty discussions of the state of women’s rights, I’m just humbled and deeply thankful (and how thankful we all must be) for the phenomenal women in my life.


4 comments on “The Most Influential Woman In My Life Is…

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  2. Will always be there for you my son, till my last breath.

  3. beautifully put Syd. We all have those women who have impacted our lives in one way or the other. And so, I join you on this special day and honour all those great women.

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