Modern Family

I’m obsessed with T.V shows and you can read about why that is, in my blog post from last year titled T.V Fanatic or Movie Maniac. ( )

Of late, I have been glued to my T.V set watching and re-watching episodes from my current favourite show, Modern Family. If you haven’t yet heard of this delightful series, chances are you don’t watch T.V at all. The show has captivated a global audience and has been sweeping away awards for the last three years. I suggest you download a couple of episodes and give the show a shot – mark my words: You’ll fall in love with it.


So why is it that the show has grown in popularity over the last three seasons? Sure, it’s entertaining. It’s funny. And the convoluted circumstances cooked up by the writers and played out by the genius cast are pure perfection. But is that really enough? Or does Modern Family have something that other shows don’t have – Heart? The answer my friends, is YES – Modern Family is all heart. This kind of show cannot be manipulated with and cannot be cut to fill pre-determined sitcom status quos. Modern Family is as real as real can get. People often say, true life is always more interesting than fiction and the great thing about the show is that in its fiction, it manages to strike a chord that’s true in me and in so many of us all over the world.

Family is the most important thing in the world to me and this series about a dysfunctional family that loves each other intensely and passionately has struck a chord with millions like me world over. Like any form of art, the best shows are the ones that you can identify with, the one’s that give you a glimpse of a side of you that you knew existed but couldn’t explain. A good show will leave you feeling like you’ve watched people go through situations and instances just like you face every day. Modern Family does all that and more and the icing on the cake is that it’s so bloody entertaining!

In the larger scheme of things, I know TV shows really don’t matter. But those special little moments in Modern Family are significant to me, and I assume or a lot of other people, especially since the show has reached dizzying heights of success.It gets us right at the heart of things and makes us appreciate the little oddities and eccentricities we all love to hate about our loved ones. In its humor and through its levity it manages to touch us and in the end that is what makes the difference.


9 thoughts on “Modern Family

  1. Thanks for the advice sydney, i did try they fb page but they took my post off and i cannot find any email or postal reference on the MF website.
    Do you have any other ideas?
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for reading the post, I love the show too. There’s just something about it that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside especially when the episodes are nearing the end. You know after all the mayhem and madness comes the magic!

      Sorry I have no idea where we can get the same mugs but I suggest you ask on the Modern Family website or fb page. You’re bound to get some replies.

      Keep reading my blogs and let me know about your MF experiences.


  2. I agree with the biggest point made here: the show has heart! It definitely does. And while I disagree with the point about no other show having heart, it’s something that can be said largely about comedies in general. Most sitcoms lack the reality that one can relate to and forget meaningful emotions in the midst of trying too hard to make people laugh with their outrageously quirky and whimsical humour. Few sitcoms like this one and How I Met Your Mother (which makes you relate to friendship and similar connections) have what it takes to offer an audience true substance, even as they offer you unparalleled levels of hilarity.

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