My Nightly Dinner Dilemma

‘Arrghhh wth do I eat tonight?’

I find myself tearing my hair out each night simply because I can’t decide on what to eat. Choosing what to eat has become such a laborious task for me and it’s gradually getting out of control. As I child, I was fascinated by the cartoon show ‘The Jetsons’. They were a futuristic family living in a technological utopia fully replete with gadgets, gizmo’s and a wide range of whimsical inventions. But my favourite of all their fancy stuff was the ‘food pill’. I wonder why nobody has invented it yet. It would have certainly made life easier for me. I loathe having to ‘figure out’ my meals.

I realize that there are many people who enjoy this opportunity to be creative and tantalize their palates but I just want to get it done. Growing up, it was never an issue because my mum decided what would be on the menu each night. Hats off to her! Having to decide just for myself is so difficult; imagine having to juggle the gastronomic differences of an entire family?

Ahhh! Those were the days. (Long reflective pause) All I had to do was show up at the dinner table and there would be an array of culinary choices for me.

Now, every night it’s the same old drama. I  get home from work, prance around the house to Adele’s music for a while, randomly browse facebook, twitter and a host of other social networking sites, read a while, write for a bit and then suddenly I realize ‘Oh crap! I have to eat now’. This happens every night, again and again!!!! I start twitching and lunge for my ‘menu file’… I filp, I frown, I flip some more, I ponder, I gasp at the prices, flip some more and then finally order the exact same thing I have eaten for the last two or three days – a damn burger !!!!!! (Please see exhibit A) And yes, this happens every night.

Exhibit A

Well anyway I’ve vented enough for one day. Now I’m hungry again, sans a dinner plan but I’m just thankful that I never have to decide on breakfast or lunch. That my friends is a humongous blessing. So, while I’m still learning to deal with the nightly dinner debacle let me wish you all ‘bon appétit’. I just hope my mum doesn’t call now, because I swear, if I hear what they’re having for dinner back home ill probably curl up into a ball and cry!


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