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Remember To Say Thanks…

There’s something about a handwritten ‘thank you’ note that sets a sentiment apart. Don’t you agree? This afternoon, a little boy from grade 7, slipped me a tiny piece of paper and said:

‘I may be leaving school, Sir. My parents are thinking of sending me to boarding school in Pune so I wanted to give this to you’.

Before I had a chance to open the little chit of paper I found myself surrounded by a bunch of boys with problems as varied as scraped knees to unrequited teenage romances. Having dealt with the issues and after imparting some serious advice that Deepak Chopra or Oprah would surely approve of; I sat down on a chair in the corridor and opened the chit of paper. Inside, scribbled in ‘sparkle ink’ were the words ‘Thank You’.

While I have no idea what I have done to receive this kind gesture, the incident played on my mind for some time. Growing up as a child, I remember my parents leaving me little notes thanking me for chores I had taken care of or shopping I had done. I remember vividly and distinctly the warmth that radiated within me every time I received one of their notes. I still have every note they ever wrote to me and amazingly their acts of kindness continue to this day.

Many people buy fancy gifts to say thanks, and there is nothing wrong with that. But in my opinion, to sit down in the hustle bustle of the day and take a few moments to express appreciation, now that is quite possibly more valuable than any tangible gift you can recieve.

In our day and age cluttered with competition and survival of the fittest, it has become too easy to see most people as mere obstacles in our way. Such a few actually genuinely want to help you, right? Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty of people who have not been able to garner my respect let alone a genuine thank you. Nonetheless, there are more than enough people out there who don’t receive the thanks they deserve simply because we move through life too consumed by the whirlwind to notice the intimate and delicate details and be thankful that someone else took the time to make life a little easier for us.

So remember to say thank you, you might just brighten up someone’s day.


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