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Cupcakes and Other Nonsense…

The big VD is almost here…that’s right, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. It’s the day when more than a million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be bought, scores of cute cupcakes will be sold, millions of roses will be delivered, teddy bears will find new homes and a billion dollar revenue will be raked overnight by Hallmark and other gift companies.

Regardless of our statuses – married, divorced, or single, Valentine’s Day seems to evoke an unsettling emotion in most of us—whether it’s sheer joy of a day devoted to love, sorrow, anger, frustration or even bemusement – it evokes some sort of emotional response.

Personally I think Valentine’s Day may have started with good intentions as a day to celebrate love, but nowadays it has become another day to guilt people into shopping compulsively for all sorts of little trinkets and treats that nobody really needs. All that trouble and so much money spent just to profess love on a specific day of the year as opposed to showing people how much you love them, year round.

Being single shouldn’t be a reason to feel blue however, and neither should Valentine’s Day. Instead of letting the day drag you down, why not celebrate being single?

Instead of focusing on what you “don’t have” concentrate on what you DO have, celebrate love! I’m celebrating the fact that I’m blessed with a loving family, a brother I am close to and for my friends who know me better than I know myself.

Remember, being single has so many advantages and more importantly, whether or not you are in a relationship that doesn’t say anything about who you are as a person.

So celebrate love…revel in your blessings!

Happy Valentine’s Day



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