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Just Wondering…

I have been wondering about something these past few days, and like a festering sore, I will not be able to rid myself of it until I still the voice inside me and find my catharsis the only way I know how – by writing about it.

In today’s social and economic climate, there is a general malaise in the workplace and in the personal lives of many. I wonder if there are  people like me who are afraid of the future or who are afraid of taking decisions today that will have lasting and significant ramifications on their tomorrow’s.

Unfortunately, fear can be paralyzing. It can hold you back and keep you from realizing your optimum potential. It can keep you from your passion. It is a mighty force that can remove you and plant you far away from your calling.

The fear of change, the fear of loss, of being wrong, or of being embarrassed are significant emotional barriers that can rob you of happiness and fulfillment. I wonder if I can overcome these barriers with time…

I wonder what young people like me do when faced with the fear of the unknown. I wonder how long it takes others to make the kind of decisions that are simmering in my mind. I will confess that not knowing what to do scares me a little. What do I do now? Where do I go from here?

I wonder if it is only courage or the lack of that determines a number of things about a person’s life. Success, failure, personal achievements or professional milestones – whatever is the case, it just seems that people, who are unencumbered by fear, are the ones who make the most out of their existence.

I probably need to become fearless. I need to hold tightly onto my convictions. I need to be able to affect change in my own life and the lives of those around me. I need to make decisions that could alter the course of my life. I need to find fulfillment.

But I still wonder….


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