Be You!

I must confess right at the beginning that I am not a lover of overtly preachy self-help books. ‘How To Get Rich’ ‘Ten Steps to a fulfilling life’ etc. etc. In my opinion, I think those aren’t the kind of books worth buying. A close friend or confidant could tell you the same things over regular re-fills of Cappuccino at your local coffee shop. Books must affect you, they must make you uncomfortable, they must make you think, wonder, ruminate and must resonate with you long after the last page has been turned. A good book will leave you with a sense of satisfaction – you’ll know that the hours spent immersed in its pages were worth it afterall.

Anupam Kher’s – The Best Thing about You is You, is a good book – it is also a rare book that does all that I have mentioned and more. Kher’s outpourings meander away from the preachy and settle along the lines of genuine heartfelt discourse – the kind that will leave anyone feeling encouraged, motivated and uplifted.

Drawing liberally from the wealth of his own personal experiences, Kher touches on a wide range of subjects in a breezy yet nonfrivolous manner. By breezy I don’t mean sketchy or half-hearted. Kher skillfully braces the subjects of hardship, struggle, stress and strife without going too deep into their ramifications on one’s life. His approach remains hopeful, optimistic and positive. The book carefully but clearly captures the emotional journey of a human life – possibly Kher’s own, but the truths encapsulated therein are reflective of the human journey in itself and can be easily identified with by one and all.

What I love most about the book is the fact that it is written in simple language. The words are carefully strung together and yet their effect is so casual and so beautiful. He uses a generous dose of Hindi terminology that lend the book a casual yet personal feel. Know what I mean? Reading it makes you feel as if Mr. Kher is sitting opposite you and having a conversation with you that you will remember all your life.

I think the book is worth a read and is definitely worth having around to turn to when you feel like giving yourself a pep talk. Stress, love, hardships – whatever your worries, Mr.Kher has been through it all and he’s sharing all his secrets in a little book that will make you examine your own life and realize that no matter what you’re going through there is a way out – all you have to do is look inside yourself and be surprised with the wealth of latent potential. You are the answer to all you problems and situations – the best thing about you afterall – IS YOU!


7 comments on “Be You!

  1. Haven’t read this book yet, hoping to get one soon. This review is beautifully written, congrats to the blogger.
    I also wanna see potential hidden inside me and hopefully Mr. Kher’s book help me. Good luck, sir.

  2. *#SriSri from the ‘Art-of-Living’ n #ShivaniBen from ‘Brahm-Kumari’s have been propogating about ‘Soul-Search’, which speaks by n large about ‘who-m-i’ …!
    *This Book wud definitely b carrying a message, no doubt about it as, any one does…!!
    *May b a new-concept , innovation , re-inventing d wheel , revival , rejuvenation … awaits each-one
    of us to b a part of the JOURNEY with Mr. Kher …!!!
    Chandra …….

  3. firstly …wish u a Happy Happy New year…:)

    and thanks to being there…bca after reading this m really inspired about books and what m ….thnk u very much…lov u dear sir….:)

  4. Great sir, as title describe everything himself,self-esteem is thing that’s make you successful in life.

  5. Inspired from each word 🙂
    thank you 🙂

  6. thank u sir

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