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Christmas Warmth

It’s ten degrees outside. Calcutta as I remember it, has never been this cold. Everywhere I look, people are wrapped in thick woolen over-coats, colorful caps and scarves, boots, jackets and a host of other winter paraphernalia.

It’s ten degrees outside. Calcutta as I remember it, has never been this cold and yet, I feel such a tremendous warmth within. As I sit here typing this post on my laptop, I can hear my mother’s voice, I can see my dad scurrying around the house getting things ready for Christmas morning, my brother is catching up with his chores and trying to sneak in regular T.V breaks just so that he doesn’t miss Terranova! And I can hear them all lavishing my dog Skippy with affection every five minutes! Occasionally I hear my name being called…I feign disgust…do a little drama and then happily carry out my chores…for at home nothing changes!

Christmas in my home has always been like this. You will not hear any wild revelry here, nor Christmas parties that go into the early hours of the morning and no lavish celebrations that leave one broke at the end of it all. Christmas is about the five of us and the love we share – the faith we have and the Christ we celebrate.

At this very moment I am HAPPY. This is what happiness feels like. Yes the house is dressed up in Christmas finery but that isn’t what makes the festival special. To me, Christmas has always been about family, home and celebrating our faith.

Yes it is freezing outside…they say it’s a cold wave…but in our quirky little home there’s enough warmth to keep us happy and smiling, today and always and you all are most welcome to join.

Merry Christmas everyone!


One comment on “Christmas Warmth

  1. Sounds wonderful Sydney. Hope you continue to enjoy your time with family. We’re doing the same over here, so far away, and yet the similarities make it seem so close! Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. To you and your family from ours.

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