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Red-Eye Ramblings

It is past midnight and I am sitting in the departure lounge of the Dubai International Airport. An arresting building, this modern marvel is an avant-garde, opulent and very large superstructure that I have come to love. Yes Love. The commingled noises of one of the busiest airports in the world i.e. Dubai, have always fascinated me. They are the sounds of the airport staff trying their best to please irate travelers, the gentle sounds of recorded announcements, the mild humdrum of conversation, the high pitched voices of friends or family members who have been re-united after a long separation, the muffled voices of those exchanging their last goodbyes and the drone of the metallic wheels of trolley’s grating against the granite floors, crying out in rebellion as they are burdened with the spoils of many a shopping spree that have made Dubai famous.

Suddenly it struck me; over a period of four years, every one of these sounds has grown familiar to me. They are sounds that I look forward to, the little reminders that announce to me that soon I’ll be home or that in a few hours I will be some place that I have only imagined or read about in books.

They say that the world is a book and that those who do not travel read only a page. How true the old adage is. This world we live in, this planet we call home is a remarkable place, to say the least. Yet, how narrow our understanding of it sometimes is. We live in our match-box homes, playing out the roles we have been allotted – wife, husband, father, mother, son, daughter etc. with much enthusiasm and in some cases only because we have to.

Some of us, who are lucky enough, venture out. We cross the precincts of our ordinary lives to explore new frontiers, to take up jobs in foreign lands, to vacation in exotic locales and for a brief and fleeting moment our eyes are opened. Others make their homes abroad, choosing to live differently, independently, to have more opportunities and to experience new things. Some people continue to live their lives, oblivious to the anything other than what is familiar to them, happy in their own familial spaces.

Right now I’m just extremely grateful for the year that has whizzed by. I’m officially 27 years old now. What a year it has been! So much has happened, I’ve traveled to new countries, had so many memorable experiences, braved struggles that have toughened me, taught me and helped me learn and grow and now I’m finally going home to the people that matter most, to the place I love most.

In the end, no matter where I go, what I do and who I meet, there will never be any place as inviting, heart-warming and loved as home!

So farewell friends there may be a few days of silence…

Good luck, God bless and Season’s Greetings!


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