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Sydney Atkins is now friends with Sheikh Mohammed

I just discovered that Sheikh Mohammed has a Facebook page! Everybody else seems to have known all along but I just discovered it. He seems to be quite a tech savvy ruler, doesn’t he? Of course it’s more than likely that the page is being run on his behalf, by a group of dedicated minions who want to make the ruler seem approachable and with the times. But what a cool idea. The visionary that he is – Sheikh Mohammad has his finger of the pulse of everything modern…everything now!

I am not quite sure what to make of all this , but I’m certainly amused by the notion of the ruler of Dubai, opening up a facebook page, especially when the rumour mill is always abuzz telling us that facebook might be banned just like the host of other websites and that we’ll be forced to use proxy’s with funny names all over again.

I like his page now and even comment on his pictures and like his statuses, but I’m not so sure of the entire thing. I don’t doubt for a second that the page will be watched carefully with eagle eyes. Also the last thing I want is a group of officials reading MY facebook page and my silly updates and notifications – ‘Sydney Atkins just checked into Paradise with…’ can you imagine how that could be misinterpreted? Sheesh….the next thing I know…I’ll be loaded onto a cargo plane deported to India as a criminal!

But kudos to him for putting himself out there and allowing an entire country and people from all over the world the opportunity to poke him…albeit virtually of course!


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