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The Road Not Taken

Often times, we wonder about the paths that we have taken in our lives. I have done it so many times over and I am sure, each one of us must question or imagine how different life would have been had we done things differently. We do wonder about the road not taken.

I enjoyed this poem when I first read it in college, even with my limited knowledge of life and worldly experiences at that point of time; I found this poem by Robert Frost to be thought provoking and moving. I guess life and the experience it offers each of us at various points in time makes one wise and makes our thoughts mellow. In the end I believe this is a poem that celebrates the individual. It celebrates the idea of courage in one’s convictions and teaches us to take risks and live life on our own terms and conditions without compromise.

I’ve been teaching this poem to my students this week and it led to some very interesting conversations. As usual, the kids continue to amaze me with their insight and thoughtfulness. I decided to share this with you, hoping it would make you pause even if momentarily, just to think and luxuriate in the joy of knowing you chose to live your life, your way!




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