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The Protester

It’s nearing the end of the year and before you know it, you’ll be hearing of all sorts of lists. The best dressed, the worst dressed, the most influential, the most Googled personality and the list is simply endless. One of the end-of-year acknowledgements I look forward to is the, Time Magazine – person of the year. Last year it was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and there was a special mention of ,WikiLeaks master mind Julian Assange.

Today, I casually Googled to find out if this year’s selection had been made and was pleasantly surprised that it had been but it was definitely not any of the personalities I had predicted. This year the magazine chose The Protester as the most dominant person in the passing 12 months.

Last year, the social media websites where inundated by angry voices who disagreed with the choice of the Facebook founder. This year however there seems to be unanimous praise for the unusual choice.

I am so glad that the editors chose to acknowledge the nameless and faceless millions who have made 2011 such a significant year. These people risked their lives and their livelihoods to go out there and together bring about change that nobody had expected – unprecedented change that would alter the course of nations and would go down in annals of history. World over from the U.S.A to the masses of middle class Indians, from Moscow to the Middle East, the men and women around the world but particularly in the Middle East, toppled governments, brought democracy and restored dignity to countless people who needed it the most.

Looking back at 2011, I don’t think any other individual would have been a rightful pick for the Time Magazine honour. These countless millions are after all the real agents of change. They have already affected phenomenal change in the past twelve months and will undoubtedly mould the future of their nations.

Who would you pick if you didn’t agree with Time Magazine’s choice of person of the year?


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