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If I Could Write A Letter, To Me…

I had the most interesting conversation with a student today and he asked me what advice I would give a younger version of myself, If I could. It always amazes me how children can come up with the most profound and moving thoughts and questions and the idea stayed with me.

In a week from now I will turn 27 and I think writing a letter to myself would be the ideal way to look back on my life and reflect on my personal journey.

So, I have decided to dedicate my next blog post to a younger version of myself . Infact, I’ve already started to type it out but it’s proving to be a little difficult. I seem to be stuck in a limbo. How much do I reveal about myself? How much do I conceal? How do I ensure the letter is still authentic, still real, still me?

Keep your eye on this wordpress site for ‘My Letter, To Me.’

Until then, enjoy one of my favourite songs by Country Music Superstar Brad Paisley.


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