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My Work-Life Balance

This afternoon I heard someone say…

“If you don’t put your life before your work you will never be happy.”

Come on! Life is hard – that’s a given. Work is tough and takes up a huge chunk of our time as well. But this idea of needing to separate work and life implies that your career is something you simply try to struggle through so that you can eventually go home and do what you really enjoy. What a terrible way to live.

When I decided to become a teacher, way back in my teens, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that- teaching is what I wanted to spend my life doing. I wholeheartedly believe that teaching is my purpose in life. I didn’t jump into teaching because of a lack of options, I am a teacher by choice and I know that I will make a difference in this world somewhere along the way. So isn’t my career a major component of my life? One, in my opinion, cannot take a backseat to another. I don’t want to choose one of two. I want a blended life.

More often than not things are crazy hectic. In our insatiable need to excel, we push the boundaries, work long hours, burn the midnight oil, carry work home and work around the clock. There are even plenty of times where tempers flare, tantrums are thrown, words are exchanged and burn out symptoms begin to raise little red flags. But doesn’t that happen in every other sphere in life? Isn’t that how people all over the world function, irrespective of what their line of work? Sure, we grumble and complain when things become stressful and yes some other careers would probably pay much more, but I truly believe that inspite of all of that pressure, one can still have a very fulfilling and wholesome life. One can still be happy.

Take me for example. The majority of week you can find me in front of the computer chatting with friends or family, watching TV, on Twitter or Facebook, reading a book, cooking, having dinner with friends, blogging and what not. I may not devote hours to these pursuits but the fact that I take time out to do something proves that I can take time out to live a little. I may have to send out some emails or finish up a pile of work before bed time but that doesn’t mean I can’t be happy.

The lines between work and life have been blurred for many many years. I have decided to embrace this fact and work on the best blend for my life. Whether this means working hours that I’m comfortable with or even if I have to work long hours to get the work done, I believe I can do whatever it takes, because this is a path that I chose for myself. I’ll work and read and tweet and blog and work some more and I will keep searching for this blended life, while everyone else continues to run in circles failing to achieve their so-called balance.





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