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Marry The Night

Mother Monster is back and she’s made an even bigger splash than ever before. World over, monsters seem to be going more and more berserk for her hedonistic and wild escapades. It’s like an invasion of sorts…she’s gotten into their minds and she’s not letting go of that GaGa Grip!

I will confess, her music is infectious and some of the lyrics do exude messages of positivity and confidence in one’s self…but most of her music is just a little too OTT for my liking. Take the Judas track for example, she knew she was courting controversy with that one but she went ahead with it anyway.

Lately I’ve been hearing her newest ‘offering’ Marry The Night – on every radio station possible. From 6 am when I’m on the bus headed to work to late at night when Virgin Radio is playing softly in the background of my apartment – she seems to have taken the airwaves by storm.

So, I finally decided to sit down and watch the video for myself. I opened my laptop, the screen hanging precariously from its hinges (I think it will resemble an iPad very soon) and opened YouTube to see what all the fuss was about. Here’s what I found.

  • The video is 14 minutes long! Come on, who makes such a long track and gets away with it? Well apparently she does, just have a look at the Billboard charts this week or any other music chart for that matter. Mother Monster continues to reign supreme.
  • The track is all about HER! She’s gone and put out a 14 minute video about herself! Can you believe that? She clearly has several issues that run dangerously deep and in my opinion require psychiatric help rather than a musical catharsis. But who cares about that? The craze for her continues to take on epic proportions and I am yet to figure out what it is exactly that has got people worshiping this confused and complex soul like a demigoddess that she clearly is NOT.
  • The video and the song for that matter are just very bizarre and very very strange and disturbing.
  • Her ego is on display for everyone in the world to see.

I think Lady GaGa is fully aware of how strange she comes across and she loves every bit of it. She wants millions of monsters to flock the streets of Paris and break out into dance to her garish music blaring out at unimaginable volumes. She wants people to be offended, startled and taken by surprise. Everything she does is geared to make that happen. Her public appearances, her meat dresses, her garish make up and her controversial lyrics – all spell that out very clearly.

So here is the deal, I don’t really have a problem with Lady Gaga. I don’t think her music is as original or as path breaking as she thinks it is and generally speaking, she seems pretty harmless. But to be slightly more serious, the lifestyle she leads and advertises isn’t one you necessarily have to pursue. I keep telling the kids I teach that just because she did it her way and still made it, doesn’t mean everyone of them need to follow a similar path. I think that’s where the danger lies. World over young people are obsessing over the ups and downs of GaGa’s life and her struggle to survive and come out on top. Her struggle is commendable. She survived. But the road that got her there is anything but praiseworthy. The means, in her case don’t justify the end and I hope that is something adults will take the time to explain to little monsters all over the world before they too decide to Marry The Night.



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